February 14, 2012

When to Consult a Gas Fitters

Gas has replaced other fuels originally used and is now among the major fuels used in industries and at homes. Liquid petroleum gases (LPG) and Natural gas are the main gases used. They are highly combustible hence need to be handled with care, a few people have specialized in these field hence our safety in handling gas is assured. Uses of gas include: water heating, space heating, cooking and for commercial and industrial processes.

Who are gas fitters?

They are individuals specialized in installation of gas pipes or appliances, testing them, altering and repairing appliances. The aim is to minimize risks of mishandled gas and ensure safety of all users.

When does one require the services of a gas fitters?

For government and large organization projects such as commissioning of gas pipes; being highly flammable, care has to be taken to minimize the risks as possible and if it can't be avoided ensure few casualties. Gas fitters Calgary are tasked with checking that the pipes are in proper condition to carry the gas to the destination, the control room s fully operational and all machines working such that they can regulate the amount getting in and out of the pipes, on the due day confirm that the project can be successfully launched.

Designing of the operation room in an organization where the gas equipment are to be located and coordinated from, their main role being to ensure adequate ventilation in case of leakage, cooling environment and measures in case the machines overheat and adequate space between pipes and other appliances to ensure ease of movement.

When disposing of unwanted or excess gas; this is done through combusting the gas, the role of the gas fitters here is to ensure the gas will be fully combusted, releasing carbon dioxide and not partially combusted releasing carbon monoxide which is lethal especially when the ventilation isn't adequate.

In the hotel and catering industry; where they are tasked with ensuring proper ventilation in case of leakage and fitting of cookers, aligning them properly to the gas supply to avoid destroying the supply as on moves which will cause leakage and properly fitting them to the cookers, they are also tasked with educating the chefs and other users on safety precautions they should take more so if the working spaces is limited.

In industries that use gas boilers, to safely install the gas boilers and test them and put across the safety precautions to take.

In homes; installation of the gas for cooking, enlightening on the safest place to put the gas cylinders, testing that they work properly. In case you suspect a leakage in your gas flow system call the gas fitters to fix the problem.

The gas fitters is an important player in our safety field regarding our gas usage at ll levels, Calgary has a number of them, contact one and start making the safety of your family count. Family always comes first, don’t forget your business too, your car, ship, boat all equipment that use gas in one way or another, they will fix.

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The Defend Free Speech Campaign would like to thank the hundreds of supporters across Canada who generously responded to our urgent appeal for funds. Thanks to you, we have raised almost $20,000 CAD to help pay for the ongoing costs of the legal campaign. Our dedicated legal team has been working pro-bono since the ban was announced, but they continue to face unavoidable expenses.

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» 27-March-2010 Media release

» High Commission of Canada letter to George Galloway

» Response from George Galloway's lawyer

» Legal submission to Federal Court

» Government's Cross Motion



August 3, 2011
Help CAF defeat Jason Kenney in federal court!

An urgent appeal for support. Please make a donation today.

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April 13, 2011

George Galloway Launches $1.5 Million Legal Action Against Canadian Government

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December 1, 2010

George Galloway Completes Pan-Canadian Speaking Tour

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Over 7,000 people in 11 cities attend events featuring former British MP

December 1, 2010 (Toronto) – Former British MP George Galloway completed his 12-day, 11-city pan-Canadian speaking tour on Saturday with a stop in Ottawa where he addressed a capacity crowd of 900 people. Following his Ottawa speech, Mr. Galloway joined several hundred participants who marched to Parliament Hill to oppose the Conservative government’s plans to extend the Canadian mission in Afghanistan.

“As any bookseller will tell you, the book you try to ban always ends up on the bestseller list,” said Mr. Galloway in Ottawa. “Thanks to Jason Kenney’s attempt to ban me, I have drawn thousands to my speaking events all across Canada.”

During his speaking tour, Mr. Galloway addressed sold-out crowds totaling over 7,000 people in 11 cities in 12 days. In Calgary, Jason Kenney’s constituency, over 800 people attended Mr. Galloway’s speech at the University of Calgary. The biggest event was in Vancouver, which attracted nearly 1,200 people.

“This tour has been an overwhelming success,” said organizer James Clark. “Not only did we break Jason Kenney’s ban, we also managed to reach far more people than we could have imagined. It is a big victory for free speech in Canada.”

In March 2009, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney attempted to ban Mr. Galloway from Canada, an act that was condemned in a 60-page ruling by the Federal Court of Canada: http://bit.ly/cKc7nd. The Court’s ruling on September 27 cleared the way for Mr. Galloway to return to Canada. On October 3, he addressed over 800 people at a church in downtown Toronto. On November 16, he commenced his pan-Canadian tour called, “Free Afghanistan. Free Palestine. Free Speech.”

Mr. Galloway’s tour was organized by the Canadian Peace Alliance, the Canadian Boat to Gaza, the Canadian Arab Federation, Independent Jewish Voices, and the Defend Free Speech Campaign. The media sponsor was rabble.ca.

Galloway visits Kenney’s Calgary constituency office: http://bit.ly/epskaH

Galloway thanks supporters after historic 2010 tour: http://bit.ly/gZEyvF

For more information, please contact:

James Clark, pan-Canadian tour organizer

Phone: 416-795-5863 | E-mail: [email protected]


Response by Independent Jewish Voices to the so-called
Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Former British MP George Galloway Announces Ten-City Speaking Tour of Canada.
Tour includes visit to Jason Kenney's Calgary constituency

Former British MP George Galloway will appear in ten cities on a pan-Canadian speaking tour from November 16 to 27, 2010. Organized by local peace coalitions and Palestine solidarity campaigns across Canada, the tour is called "Free Palestine, Free Afghanistan, Free Speech". Mr. Galloway will speak about the Canadian government's attempts to ban him as well as the political situation in the Middle East and Central Asia.

"I'm looking forward to speaking in person with the many Canadians who have defended their right to hear me, including those who disagree with me," said Mr. Galloway from London, UK. "I'm also looking forward to challenging Jason Kenney to a public debate, who has yet to account for his role in trying to keep me out of Canada."

Mr. Galloway's tour includes the following cities: Montreal (Nov 17), Halifax (Nov 18), Toronto (Nov 20), Hamilton (Nov 21), Vancouver (Nov 22), Calgary (Nov 23), Yellowknife (Nov 24), Edmonton (Nov 25), Winnipeg (Nov 26) and Ottawa (Nov 27).

Details of each event are available here.

On September 27, 2010, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney had attempted to ban Galloway from Canada for purely political reasons: "It is clear that the efforts to keep Mr. Galloway out of the country had more to do with antipathy to his political views than with any real concern that he had engaged in terrorism or was a member of a terrorist organization" (paragraph 8). The ruling cleared the way for Galloway to return to Canada. On October 2, he arrived in Toronto. The next day, he addressed a crowd of over 800 people at a downtown church.

For more information, please contact:

Ron McKay
Spokesperson, George Galloway: [email protected]

James Clark
Spokesperson, Defend Free Speech Campaign: [email protected] or 416-795-5863 (cell)

Video coverage of Mr. Galloway's October 3, 2010 speech in Toronto here.

Read highlights of the federal court decision.


Federal Court Slams Government Interference Leading to Galloway Ban

Former British MP to announce plans to return to Canada.


Federal Court Judge Richard Mosley issued a 60 page ruling today that slams the federal government for attempting to ban former British MP George Galloway from entering Canada. The ruling vindicates Galloway and his Canadian supporters who argued that Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney made a political decision to try to keep Galloway out of Canada, not one based on national security claims.

According to Justice Mosley, "the main reason why the respondents (the Federal government) sought to prevent Mr. Galloway from entering Canada was that they disagreed with his political views."

The ruling also refutes government claims that Galloway's humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza made him a national security risk: "From the evidence on the record, the question of Galloway's admissibility was never an issue of national security... CSIS was consulted prior to the writing of the CBSA assessment and had no national security concerns about his visit."

The ruling exposes how staff in Jason Kenney's office attempted to ban Galloway from Canada, although no final decision had been made: "It is also clear that the preliminary assessment was prepared with the intention that it be used to justify a CBSA officer's determination that Mr. Galloway was inadmissible should he appear at the border."

Galloway's Canadian supporters are claiming victory. "This ruling confirms what we have been saying from the beginning: Jason Kenney attempted to ban Galloway because he disagreed with his views," says James Clark, a member of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War and an applicant in the case. "This kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable in a democratic society, and represents a serious attack on Canadians' free speech rights. We are pleased that the Court agrees with us."

Galloway and his supporters will announce in the coming days the details of an upcoming speaking tour that will bring Galloway back to Canada.